Louisa County Public Schools, Mineral, VA

Jouett Elem. School
Moss-Nuckols Elementary School
Trevilians Elementary School
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
Louisa County Middle School

Chromebook Shortcuts

  • Ctrl-C to copy

  • Ctrl-V to paste

  • Ctrl-F to find items on a page

  • Ctrl-Alt-Z to turn on the screen reader

  • Ctrl-Z to undo

  • Shift-Ctrl-T to reopen a recently closed tab

  • Alt-[ or Alt-] splits your screen

  • Ctrl-Show Windows Key (pictured below) to take a screenshot ~ add Shift and drag your cursor/mouse to select part of the screen. Screenshots save to your Files App in the Downloads area.

TeamLCPS MVP Nominations!

Nominate a teacher, staff member, or a member of the community for the weekly TeamLCPS MVP Award.